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The Bay Area's Best Kept Secret

Tucked away in the Berkeley Hills, the Kensington Police Department quietly provides world-class police services to the Special District of Kensington and a first-in-class working environment for our staff. Our mission is to provide every person with the highest level of customer service, regardless of the circumstances. We foster an environment that invites everyone to the table for input, especially when developing a healthy and productive workplace. We employ contemporary systems and processes aimed at preparing us for the future. We offer a competitive salary, a take-home car program, state-of-the-art equipment, and a professional development program, regardless of time and grade. Join KPD and be part of building something great. 


Your Career at KPD

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A Seasoned Team

The Kensington Police Department employs officers with a wide range of experience and knowledge. The average time and grade for a Kensington Officer is about nine years. However, KPD is committed to developing newer officers and academy recruits to join our  team.  

Our officers take part in a certified perishable skills/advanced training cirriculum designed to meet and exceed State standards. Every staff member is required to enroll in professional development courses of their choosing. Officers select from a variety of 20-40 hr. courses like Instructor, Traffic Investigation, Detective, Crime Scene Investigator. All supervisors must attend the CA POST Supervisory Leadership Institute (SLI). 


Our Advanced Officer Training (AOT) was designed to introduce staff to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other forms of defensive tactics.

The Kensington Police Force is committed to building strong relationships with the citizens of Kensington. We understand that a strong partnership between the police and citizens is essential to creating a safe and prosperous community. All our officers focus on engaging with Kensington citizens to ensure their needs are met and their voices heard.

Training For Your Career

Community Involvement

A Change of Pace

Whether you are looking to lateral from a busy department or to get your career started, Kensington PD offers a deliberate work pace. This pace allows officers to take their time to do their jobs well without the burden of having to chase the next call for service. For new officers, Kensington PD offers a working environment conducive to learning, with a supportive team, so that newer officers can conslidate their knowledge, train, and develop into outstanding officers.



Kensington, located in the heart of the Bay Area, is a small but bustling community of approximately 5,500 residents.  Our Special District offers amenities and attractions, such as excellent schools, beautiful parks, a wide variety of shops and restaurants, and direct access to Tilden Park, part of the East Bay Regional Park System.

Kensington is a great place to live, work, and play. With its beautiful scenery, friendly people, and safe neighborhoods, it is the perfect place to work. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, neighborhood watch programs, and community members, Kensington is a haven of safety and harmony. 

  • Take Home Cars

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Expedited Hiring Process

  • Comp Time Accrual

  • Issued Department Cellphone

  • Deferred Compensation


  • Vacation Accrual At Years of Service

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  • $10,000 Signing Bonus

  • New Patrol Fleet

The Hiring Process

Kensington offers an accelerated hiring process. 

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must possess a valid California Class C Driver's license, complete the Basic Police Academy and have a California Peace Officer Standards and Training Basic Certificate, and have a satisfactory driving record. 


Candidates will complete a comprehensive background investigation including a polygraph, psychological, and medical examination.
Further general California Peace Officer Standards and Training information can be located at


Apply For Employment

Contact KPD Today

For any inquiries, questions or to learn more, please call 510-277-5576 or fill out form below

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Kensington Police Dept. HQ

10940 San Pablo Ave.

El Cerrito, CA 94530


Email Completed Applications to:

Jason Haynes - Backgrounds & Recruiting

Tel: 510-277-5576

Sgt. Brian Lande - Training Sergeant

Tel: 510-890-5110

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